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Ulli Kampelmann is a professional artist from Germany now based in Florida. She was born and raised in Halle, East Germany. Ulli attended university in Halle to learn art and the teaching of art. She became an accomplished artist even before graduating with her Master’s degree in education. However, Ulli is consistently free-spirited and rebellious and she repeatedly clashed with the stifling strictures of socialism. Risking prison and possibly death, she recklessly escaped to West Berlin in the trunk of a friend’s car. Ulli opened her art studio in Stuttgart and gained fame in West Germany designing her works primarily for banks, corporations and architectural projects. Her artworks adorn various private and corporate collections as well as the Museum of Modern Art in Stuttgart.

Her most recent artworks are a series of tall, narrow paintings depicting expressive and evocative individuals and scenes.

narrow-paintingsLatest series of paintings by Ulli

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Her latest exhibit is taking place at the Kunsthaus of Achim Freyer, world famous costume designer, stage designer and opera director.

kunsthausAchim Freyer's Kunsthaus


UlliAndAchimUlli congratulating Achim during the grand opening of his birthday exhibition 30 Mar 2014

LINK: Preview her latest works appearing at this exhibition


A few of her more famous works are:

A soaring glass sculpture dominating the lobby of the Corporate Express HQ

CorpExCorporate Express HQ lobby

The rooftop skylight installed the golf clubhouse at Domain Niederreutin owned by the Duke of Württemberg. Over 700 square feet of glass artwork comprise this 220 foot long skylight stretching the complete length of the building.

DukeClub house at Golfclub Domäne Niederreutin

Mercedes Benz HQ in Stuttgart commissioned a mélange of Ulli's artworks as varied as freestanding folding screens to large glass walls and partitions for their lobby and restaurants.

BistroMBMercedes Benz Bistro

An offshoot of the work she produced for Mercedes Benz came about from the discovery she made in the corporate archives while researching into the background of the company. She came across the details of a fascinating story which took place at the very dawn of the automobile age. Ulli veered into film-making and produced an award-winning documentary called The Car is Born which relates these events.


LINK: Watch the trailer to the documentary The Car is Born


LINK: Visit Ulli's Art website to see a comprehensive portfolio of her artwork


Ulli is known for he extensive work in the field of the arts from a variety of avenues. Besides her art and film-making projects, she also founded an international art gallery

AltVisGalAlternate Visions Gallery website


LINK: Visit Ulli's Alternate Visions Gallery

Ulli wrote and sold “The Complete Visual Arts Education”,  an art curriculum containing hundreds of lesson plans and illustrations design to provide weekly art education in every facet of the visual arts (printing, painting, calligraphy, illustration, drawing, sculpture, photography, etc.) for students from  Kindergarten through High School.


With the success of her first documentary, Ulli has expanded further into the film world by writing a feature-film length screenplay called Escapings about her life in East Germany and her eventual escape to West Berlin. Another similar project is a on-hour-long documentary with a similar theme called That Damned Wall. This project is currently in post production.


LINK: Watch a concise version of That Damned Wall

A consummate interviewer, she has enjoyed interviewing a number of celebrities and dignitaries.

LINK: Watch a clip of her interview with Hans-Dietrich Genscher, former vice chancellor of Germany


LINK: Watch her interview with Ambassador Max M. Kampelman (no relation, but a close friend)


LINK: Watch a clip of her interview with television celebrity Micha Kind

Ulli would be happy to hear from you. Write her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.